Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cupcakes of Loooooove

It is Valentine's Weekend and I am sooo excited to have some baking orders!

It's a big weekend. Besides Valentine's day it is also Miss A's first daddy daughter dance and she is so excited to be lifted like a ballerina when they dance. Hee hee. I just love her!!

Well first order is done, some red velvet cupcakes with buttercream icing for a friend and her new fabulous beau. I also got to use my new Cricut Cake machine. I was pretty nervous because all the web reviews said it took awhile to get used to it and lots of trial and error. I set myself up for the worst and started practicing Thursday evening. I think I got a decent handle on it and it was better then what I had anticipated. I must say I think I am going to love it! I cut out some cute lovee dovee shapes for this cupcake order. A bustier, hot lips, a double heart, and a Love sign. I am packing these up in packing peanuts, ice, more packing peanuts, a big box, more packing peanuts and LOTS of labels to ship them to Houston! Next will be Valentine's cookies!!! WOO HOO!! Stay tuned....

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