Friday, February 18, 2011

The Letter Q...

Today was show and tell for the letter Q for Miss A. So with some help from some fabo friends on facebook we got some ideas and decided to do a house made out of Q-tips and a Queen Bee! I showed Alexa how to stack the q-tips and she cut out a blue door, drew a flower, sun and a bee with a crown to go with the house! Of course we realized we were out of craft glue so I had to use my hot glue gun. My horrible luck, poor Alexa touched the glue and it burned her thumb, poor baby. She almost didn't want to take the house this morning, just a quarter. BUT....this morning I told her we could do a matching queen bee lunch and she had a change of heart and decided to take her Qtip art house and queen bee masterpiece! Yeah!!! For her lunch we did a Queen Bee Quesadilla!! Another Q....Quesadilla! Green beans with flower fruit roll ups, fig newtons, pretzels, and some tomatoes. TGIF!!!! This weekend is Hungry Henry's bday!! Aka, my hubby and Alexa's daddy. So we are planning a special cake...stay tuned!

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