Thursday, February 24, 2011

She's a lady...

Well my friends...I have to go to my real job super early in the morning so I cheated and made the Bento Box tonight. Inspiration this time came from a future cake I am making. Ladybugs!!! I also went to a fabulous sample sale today for children's clothes and this time I took Miss A with me. She is a lady all the way...all she wanted were dresses! This makes my 8th sample sale for Miss A and this time I also went for the baby boy in the oven. It was twice as nice! Also Miss A....the forever lady and diva that she is was able to pick out her own clothes this time. All I can say is thank goodness the full hot pink sequin leggings did not fit her! This lunch was super fast and easy and I made it while cooking dinner and feeding the doggies! Ladybug sample sandwiches; one is a pepperoni and cheese the other is chicken and cheese. Head of ladybug is pepperoni with cheese wings and eyes. Then some sliced strawberries with some green ladybug picks, corn and her favorite candy....candy corn!!!! Have a great Friday everyone!!!

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