Monday, February 7, 2011

Slumbering Bunnies...

WOO HOO! It is Monday, the snow has melted, and we are back in business. Back to work (which actually feels good), Miss A back to school and dance class tonight, and back to Bento Lunch Fun in the Sun! Well sun at least until Wednesday when it is supposed to snow again! Nothing like Texas weather for ya. Today we did some slumbering bunnies out of little smokies with barbecue sauce on a bed of bread. Hee hee, so fancy! Then we did some more barb smokies as hearts. You just cut them in half at an angle, flip em, and put a pick through them!! Voila! Some cheese circle slices in a bunny cup, compliments of our Auntie Mimi (they came from Shop Minoya!). Then some fresh organic strawberries and blueberries! Have a great Monday everyone. For my peeps out there who were Steelers fans....I was hoping to do a tribute Bento to the Steelers after superbowl...but So upward and onward my friends!

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