Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monkeying around....

Once again a brilliant masterpiece by Miss A!!! Although I think she was trying ANY way to get a cupcake in her lunchbox!! From football Sunday we had some astro-turf cupcakes left over which Alexa thought look like a treetop. She said monkeys swing from treetops, they eat bananas and the carrots for the tree trunk was my attempt to throw in a veggie! The monkey is a quesadilla that I cut out with a cookie cutter I had. The raspberries were just to fill the space. The trick to Bento is to assure everything fits nice and tight and you don't have a lot of space so items don't get all mixed up in the lunch box. Even daddy, aka Hungry Henry helped arrange this Bento box this morning. He has a creative side to him, he just won't admit it! Have a terrific Tuesday...and brace yourself for more snow here in Texas!!!

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