Monday, September 26, 2011

Tabby Kitty and a Flop Face...

Miss A has her bday in October and many of her friends all have their bdays around the same time. So we are in birthday season!!! We have at least 2 sometimes 4 each weekend until November. Yowza! So in preparation for the birthday weekend I forgot to post Friday's bento. Oopsie! So I have Friday and Monday's bento together.

Friday was a cute little tabby kitty cat sandwich on wheat bread with colby/american cheese whiskers and face. We have some chips, lima beans, and grapes.

For Monday sadly....Miss A was tired so I quickly put her lunch together. She wanted pasta with butter and parmesan cheese. So with that in the thermos I have to be creative with the we have a sad attempt of a face. Turkey smile, outlined with green beans. Tomato eyes, grape nose and hair along with blueberry cheeks. Yeah....she did not like it because he was not smiling big enough!!! She only likes smiling faces so she was not to impressed....haha. So my face was a flop...*sniff *sniff.

She put her arm around me when I picked her up from school and told me the face was not her favorite. She said she will help me tomorrow!! haha. Kind of like when you were little and your mom made you wash/dry dishes. You break a plate or two and all of sudden you don't have to do it anymore!! haha. Well...not exactly like that but at least I get my creative kid back!!! See you tomorrow!!!

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