Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Babybel Ladybug!

Miss A has a fondness for Babybel cheese! So this week we decided to play with the Babybel cheeses and make them the focal point. So we have some flower sandwiches cut with a cookie cutter and a babybel cheese that looks like a ladybug. We have some mandarin oranges and her favorite potato chips. This was her lunch on Monday, sadly Tuesday's lunch (today) I did not get a picture. I was having issues with my wisdom teeth and they had to take them out this week quite urgently. So this morning I was in some pain and not thinking too clearly! She had some fabulous butter noodles, rolled turkey on picks, blackberries and cherry tomatoes. Definitely quite easy! So I am writing now to you my friends on pain pills and puffy cheeks....hope this post even makes sense! HAHAHA!

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