Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Angry Birds!!!

Well I must say this one is pretty awesome! Even after having my wisdom teeth out yesterday I could not help but be happy and smile about Miss A's bento theme today!!! ANGRY BIRDS!!!! Miss A's daddy is a huge fan of Angry Birds so he had immense fun doing the red angry bird babybel himself. He used provolone cheese for eyes, black olives for the hair, eyes, and tail. Then he used american cheese for the beak. Then we had a turkey yellow angry bird sandwich. Triangle sandwich with american cheese on top. I also used black olives and provolone cheese for the eyes and hair. I used a colby/cheddar cheese for the eyebrows and beak. Then we added some parmesan goldfish and some grapes!! SUPER FUN! Definitely one of my all time favorites!!!

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