Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elephant love....

Miss A found a picture of a bento similar to this one on the computer and she loved it because she said it was us!! It was a mommy and baby elephant. Soooooo how could I refuse!!! So we have a quesadilla mommy elephant and a provolone baby elephant. I added the spinach leaves for effect...she said she tried to eat one, but no go. We also added pretzels, tomatoes and some strawberry apple sauce. She loves edamame so I wanted to see if she would try this new green food....lima beans! I did not tell her what they were I just stuck them in there. When I picked her up from school she asked what those green things were in her lunch box. She said they tasted better then edamame because they were buttery!! WOO HOO!!!! When we got in the car she finished the last 4 she left in her lunch box. Doesn't get any better than that folks!! Have a great one!!

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