Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Shark Tale.... (a tale of woe....)

Who is this smiling adorable child you say?

Well boys and girls let me start at the beginning...

For Wednesday morning Miss A decided she wanted something more daring and dangerous for her lunch. So we put our heads together and decided on an ocean theme. Not just any ordinary ocean theme; one with a shark in it!! So we decided on a shark sandwich coming out of the ocean and gobbling up goldfish! Then two octo-hot-dogs with funny hats and smiling faces to balance the scary shark. It was amazing I must say...
Well this cute little child pictured is my nephew. A handsome rambunctious little child with an infectious smile!!! His birthday is coming up and he wants a shark themed birthday party. So I had an opportunity to see him and show him Miss A's shark lunch picture on my phone. He was sooooo excited! So excited in fact that he kept my phone and just marveled in the artistic glow and technique...ok....maybe a little to far. Let's just say he really liked it. He liked it so much he kept coming back to it over and over. Zooming in and zooming out until somehow...someway. (Hope you are sitting down for this one) HE ERASED IT!!!!!!
So this artistic masterpiece is now sleeping with the fishes!!!! (hee hee)

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