Thursday, May 19, 2011


Miss A is still studying the vast amazing oceans of the world and specifically the creatures that live in them. BUT, she prefers not to have them as her theme for lunch! haha. Apparently the thought of a sandwich shaped like a lobster, crab or shark really freaks her out! She actually said "no mommy that freaks me out"! hee hee. Crazy girl. a pretty smiling starfish she could handle. So we have a ham and cheese sandwich with a provolone cheese starfish smiling at ya! A few cheddar fish along the side and ham seaweed as she called it. Some oranges because that is what she wanted and atop two fig newtons we have a fruit roll up whale! We did not have a bento lunch yesterday because my mom came up because while under Baby Z watch he had a false alarm. This Baby Z is apparently pretty comfortable or has some inner turmoil going on about whether he wants to come out or not!! So....for now still prego. He has to come out at some point right? If not my doc is going to have to evict him...
Have a great Thursday everyone!

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