Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love of Shoes!

We are officially in our new home! Miss A did not have school Monday so that is why there was no bentosadly. BUT that gave us time to finish up my closet. One of Miss A's favorite things to do is go into my closet and try on my shoes!!! Gotta love her! So in honor of my new shoe rack and my shoes all together in one spot we did a high heel shoe bento box lunch. We had some rice leftover from last night, we used a cookie cutter shoe to cut out the cheese and added some cheese flowers for pizazz (freehanded by Miss A herself). We took two oven roasted turkey slices and sliced them so they make a turkey bouquet and placed them in a heart baking cup to show our love. Then we added some grapes! Yummy!!! Have a great one everyone!

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