Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Born in the USA!!!

So Miss A's school has saved the best for last and they are studying the amazing country we call home...the United States of America! Yesterday they learned about Mt. Rushmore...not to sure I could have carved that out of cheese or bread, but today she learns about the Statue of Liberty!!! Lady Liberty...I pay honor to you through a boiled egg!! haha. Don't think France would approve honestly. You cannot tell but Lady Liberty has a tint of green to her but it did not come off in the picture. Her headpiece and torch are fruit roll up and the second boiled egg is like all those t-shirt sayings you can buy from street vendors and on every corner in New York...I "heart" NY!!!
We have some corn and blueberries with two Nutri Grain Fruit Crisps at the top to squeeze it all in nice and tight!

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