Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mermaid Under the Sea Scene....

Well Miss A has two days left of school!! Then she advances to the next preschool class!!! She has a celebration pizza party tomorrow so today is her last bento lunch until summer school starts in June. They are studying about the oceans of the world at school and underwater creatures still. She loves mermaids so we did an underwater scene. Chicken strips along the side that look like coral reef /sea wall, a school of goldfish swimming around, there is a string cheese sea floor and as a back drop we have fig newtons. The fruit roll up make up the top of the water waves, the mermaid, a shell and oyster with a cheese pearl! And YES the mermaid has no arms, it wasn't until Miss A and I finished it that we realized there were no arms but we are pretending she is swaying and they are behind her back!!! haha. On the home front we are doing great, Baby Z will be a week old tomorrow!! WOW does time fly!! I think I got a hang of this!! The second child is so much easier!! I drop his blanket on the floor and I just pick it up...yeah...I just pick it up! I don't spray and wash it, wash it and completely change all his clothes!! haha. So much less stressful second time around!! Have a great one everyone!!!

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