Sunday, January 8, 2012

Experimenting with cake fillings!

Well with no bentos maybe this gives me more time to work on the bakery side of things. Who knows...maybe someday I could really really get into this. I am really enjoying it so far and my mad scientist approach to making things bigger and adding beyond request is still an adrenaline for me. Call me crazy, I know! I have noticed all this baking I definitely keep my nails trimmed, gloves on hand, and a HUGE supply of band aids!! I have gone through every bacon and pickle band-aid in the house. I am not allowed to touch Miss A's stash of princess, dora, or angry bird. Although my sliced finger that bled all over the floor from a picture frame scared her so much she thought I "deserved" an angry bird band-aid. Okay...not so much a slice but I squeezed it enough to make her feel sorry for me and get a good band-aid!! hee hee. I know...I have problems.
So I experimented with two fillings; a lemon curd and a raspberry filling. I used organic fruits for both, raw sugar, organic unsalted butter; I think you get the picture. The only thing I do not know if it was organic or pure was the cornstarch. Honestly...have NO idea what corn starch is! I will google later and see if I can find an alternative. Hopefully the organic alternative does not include taking organic corn, drying for days, crushing into powder and some other crazy process because I may just be using the plain ole store bought corn starch. Ha ha.

White cake with buttercream icing and a lemon curd filling (this one turned out the best in my opinion)

I am horrible at cutting cake...always a mess!!
Swiss Chocolate Cake with a Raspberry topping and pink buttercream (the raspberries were tart and may have been better balanced as a filling in between a layer of cake and icing around the whole cake. Or I could have used more sugar. :)

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