Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years last minute sparkle and gas surprise...

Sooo these little mini cupcakes were a quick last minute baking venture for a New Years Eve party we went to at a neighbors house. I was baking, making baby food, and cooking lunch when I almost passed out and vomited from the gas smell from my gas stove.  I have NEVER had a gas stove before, always had electric, and also never used an oven or stove top this much in my life!!! Sooo honestly the gas I kept smelling I thought was normal...until I vomited. LOL! I was not really funny but I honestly thought I was just being silly ole me! My hubby called the builder and they sent a gas guy out. He found no leaks of course and the cabinet under the stovetop did not smell ONE BIT like gas!!! Of course I had it open about 20 times that day so it all aired out; I was sure. Soooo like taking your car to the shop and it never makes "that sound" for the mechanic, this was the situation I was in with the gas guy. Next day same thing...baking and making lunch and the smell once again was so strong. I immediately shut the cabinets and we called again. They came right over...thank goodness it was a different guy. It was a guy and a gal this time. The guy of course said..."no leaks, looks like someone has already been here". (Oh great!) The girl however...THANK GOODNESS...stuck her whole body under the cabinet and smelled away. She discussed something with the guy and he tested the fitting connections at the top and bottom and there were LOTS of bubbles!!! Two BIG leaks!! I wasn't crazy!!! Of course I immediately blew out my Christmas Cookie candle I was burning! GOOD GRAVY!! That could have been a bad situation. At least all is fixed and no one was harmed in the process! Anyway...back to the cupcakes. I was baking through this whole gas leak discovery and I kind of forgot the cupcakes were in the oven. So with the New Years pixie dust sparkle and gold edible glitter atop white buttercream they looked the part...but sadly were overcooked and dry. Nothing like a little crunch with your cupcake. :( So sad...oh well. It is a part of adventures in baking! You can't win all the time! At least they were pretty!! HAHA! Hopefully the guests were a little "happy" to notice!!! Nothing like a glass of champagne or wine to make something fabulous!! Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to a new year of baking ventures with you!!!

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