Sunday, October 23, 2011

Miss A's Mad Hatter Tea Party

Well this weekend was a big bang for the Z Family. It was Miss A's 5th birthday party! I have always wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party, and finally Miss A was excited too. We had it at our home and I have been collecting decorations for about 6 months. Well when you start early you end up with a whole mess of items...haha. The most I paid for a tea pot was $5. I hit all sorts of small town antique shops. I even hit thrift and consignment stores. The shops here in Dallas are sooo much more expensive so I tried to avoid that area. 

I also found these flowers at a local craft shop, Hobby Lobby and they were already half price and I got them for another 40% off! I had this idea to create a drapery of flowers in the middle of the room. We have high ceilings so we can't exactly hang from our we had to create one. Thanks to my husband and a new ladder I think we did pretty good!

We had an area for the kiddos to make their own hats. For the ladies I glued mini felt hats to headbands and there were all sorts of flowers, feathers, butterflies, birds, tulle and stickers to put on them. The boys had a top hat and rock star or space stickers to put on theirs. 

I also had another chance to grow some grass from my kit I bought online a few months back. I used them in these big cup and teapot planters I got on sale at Wal-Mart for $10! Niiice! 

Miss A's birthday is the only event that I do not make a cake, my sister always makes her cake. It allows me to focus on all the details and other foods! I like to work with fondant because I never took any classes and all the icing handwork is something I do not have any earthly idea what to do with all those icing tips!!! My sister on the other hand can do all that decorating with icing. So she made a teapot cake on top of a mad hatter hat.

Cheshire Cat Snails Tails (tortilla rolls, with turkey, cheese, cream cheese and spinach all rolled up with a gherkin pickle held together with a toothpick! 

We have some White Rabbit Hole Donuts (powdered donut holes)

Queen of Hearts Jelly Tarts (strawberry tarts, palmiers, and some other cookie called
 some sort of jamdingers)
I made Caterpillar Button Mushrooms (mozzarella and tomato)

We also had veggies and fruit. The plate stands were more of my mix and match finds at small town shops. I held them together with glue dots that way I could break them down for easy storage and also make different combinations that fit my needs!
We also had Mad Hatters Sweet Tea and March Hare Raspberry Lemonade served in teacups with the kiddos initial on them. (technically espresso cups I got at World Market for 99cents.)

Of course it would not be a party without the Mad Hatter to stopped by and did a few magic tricks and had fun with the kiddos! This was about a 1/4 of the kiddos. We had 24 kiddos at our little shindig!!!

It was a great party, great fun, and best of all great guests! Thanks to my family for all the set up and clean up support!!! Can't wait until next year!! Need to start planning....hhhhhmmmmmm

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