Monday, October 3, 2011


So this weekend I had the honor of making a bday cake for my little cousin, Kaiden. In this cake adventure of mine I have many firsts and this was definitely a first. A car cake that is to resemble the infamous Lightning McQueen. Thank goodness this smiling amazing little two year old was so excited about his big day he was not critical of my mistakes!! haha! Baked the cakes on Saturday and the big 12inch chocolate decided to crack in 3 places...oy vey! Thank goodness I had some positive thoughts from facebook (thanks Tennille) that icing is glue. So after that and a glass of wine I was golden! So golden in fact I stayed up and iced and painted the car!!! Looks like I had my own paint and body shop!! I used an air brush tool and special liquid paint to spray the car. Great because you can mix colors, use less dye which is better for taste, and if you don't wear a mask you get the same color boogers in your nose as the paint!!! Great at dinner parties the next day!! haha!

I made the bottom round in buttercream and then smoothed with the viva paper towel. A professional at a cake store in Dallas suggested royal icing for the car. They said to get the look of fondant but still have icing, royal would be perfect. Yeah....let's just say I thumped this puppy with my thumb and it made a nice hard THUMP! Not to mention it cracked like humpty dumpty after he fell off the wall when we tried to cut into it!! haha! SOOOO live and learn! The decals were fondant and the wheels were chocolate donuts!!!

The logo with Kaiden's name had some issues and never dried properly. So on the spot at the party I cut another logo and affixed it to MULTIPLE other edible items in my nephews house and finally found a Ritz cracker to keep it stiff!! hahaha. Always an adventure!!!

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