Thursday, October 27, 2011

Miss A's Big Day!

Well today was a big day for Miss A. It was her birthday!! She was able to bring a treat for her class and she donates a favorite book to the school library. The book she loves is Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton. The desserts for her class have to be bought, but luckily her teachers understand my complete ADD that they let me put a little topper on the iced sugar cookies!! It is just marshmallow and powdered sugar...which is of course fondant. So to mirror her book theme we did monsters!!!
Of course then we have her lunch, which she wanted me to surprise her. So we have a ham sandwich cupcake with a "5" on it. We have some pirate booty, strawberries, and green beans!
For her after dinner dessert we had a Cinderella doll cake. For Halloween Miss A is dressing up as Cinderella so I thought it would be appropriate!! I took a shortcut and laid a heavy fondant layer on the top so I could use her existing top bodice of her dress. My intent was to let her keep the doll. I take the legs off when I insert the doll...and somehow....someway...I must have thrown the legs away. Oopsie. But all in all a fabulous day!! We had cake and strawberry ice cream which gave us not only the Texas flag colors but the Texas Rangers colors which are playing the world series still as I type.
I cannot believe how big Miss A is!! What a joy and inspiration is she is to me!

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