Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Kissing Hand.....

Not going to lie we have been out of the habit of posting bentos so forgot to post Alexa's bento from yesterday! So two pictures today. 
On the first day of school I must admit I was super sad, as most parents are apparently, because Alexa came home with a poem called The Kissing Hand:
It's my first day of school
And the "Kissing Hand" is what we read.
It's about a raccoon
Who did just as his parents said.

Like the raccoon's first day of school
I was scared and a little shy.
But because of what you said
I was brave and I got by.

All through the year
I'll make more things for you.
So as I change and as I learn
You can see my growth, too!

Now the tears are flowing again!! haha! Here are Miss A's bentos for Tuesday and Wednesday her 2nd and 3rd day of Kindergarten....*sniff *sniff...

Day 3 of Miss A's Kinder Bentos - Turkey sandwich with a cheese raccoon, chips, raspberries and the last of the cookies Nanny Margie gave to Alexa!! The eyes, nose, and ears of raccoon are organic fruit strip pieces. 
Day 2 Miss A's Kinder Bentos - mac and cheese, cookie, organic chicken strips,  mandarin oranges, black olives, with fun bento food picks!!

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