Sunday, August 5, 2012

An "Engaging" Cake

I live in Collin County in Texas north of Dallas and in this area there are more kids between the ages of 0-5 then 6-18...which means we have a lot of baby stores, kid friendly restaurants, and you can't walk in the mall without getting run over by a few hundred strollers! Which explains why most of the cake requests I receive are usually a kid theme of some sort and pretty busy in regard to all the detail. It is a nice break to get a request for a more formal affair. I am starting to play with cake fillings so this cake of course had the usual buttercream frosting for all the outside of the cake. The bottom tier had buttercream in the middle, middle tier had a vanilla white chocolate, and the top tier had a strawberry preserve. I used a ribbon to wrap around the base and a type of coated raffia for that chic country look. Of course the chic can in place with the fondant magnolias with pearl dusted petals and gold shimmer centers. This what one of my favorite cakes to make for sure!!!

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