Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Wacky Day!!!

A wacky cake that turned into a wacky day!

Some special friends of ours were celebrating their daughter's 6th birthday who is also a very good friend of Miss A's. So when her mom told me she was having a Madagascar circus themed party I knew it had to be spectacular and definitely wacky!!!
I love to make topsy turvy cakes but they are very time consuming and when you cut the layers there is always the chance that you cut too much or not straight enough and it just doesn't look right. They now have pans that are already shaped at an angle, but you have to buy more pans and in all sizes....that of course requires funds and space to store. I have seen some trends in wacky topsy turvy cake stands that basically tilt the cake for you! No cutting necessary! I looked up some stands on-line and found some to purchase anywhere from $99 to $500 for kits. Then I saw some DIY videos and pictures. All it took was a design I had in mind and showing my husband Henry the stands and he was so ready to try to make one! CHALLENGE ON!

Well the stand was complete and when it was time to stack the cakes I'm not going to lie, we had a few re-do's in regard to cutting the holes in the board but we got it!!!
Of course it wasn't just the wacky style cake that made this day wacky. As I was finishing up the top layer, which I had to access on my tip toes, my pregnant belly got in the way so I had to push the bar stool out of the way further. When I did it hit the corner post and came back on my foot! Let's just say my foot looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame! My fabulous neighbor Michelle took me to the ER so Henry and the kiddos could deliver the cake!! The show must go on!!! 
Thank goodness my foot was just super bruised. I would post a pic of my foot, but it may be inappropriate. 

Bottom layer:
The bottom layer had Melman and Gloria!  
Marty and Gia sat on the second layer which was a harlequin pattern. When Henry delivered it since I was in the ER I was not able to help secure the cake in transit and the middle layer swung around and did get a little smashed. :(
The top layer had Alex the Lion of course!! And the fabulous circus tent. This was the layer that got me!

The birthday girl and her cake! 

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