Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miss A's perfect flowers...

Tuesday went by super fast for the Z Family...we moved out to Prosper TX (the country...heehee) earlier this year so we could have more of a small town feel and a d
ecent yard. So we are very fortunate that we are putting in a pool! WOO HOO! So early yesterday morning there were more workers in our backyard so we did not have time to make Miss A's lunch in the morning. So when we came home for lunch Miss A requested grill cheese and made her own shapes for lunch. Flowers are ALWAYS her favorite and quick and easy. So we have mandarin oranges shaped like a flower with a blueberry center. A grill cheese sandwich cut with a flower cookie cutter. She wanted her rice shaped as a flower and I told her that was impossible. She said..."no it's not, watch this it will be perfect". Wish you could have seen and heard her when she said it. She is a thumb sucker so she has this little lisp when she speaks and she said perrrrrfect really exaggerated. She also talks with her hands so they are always going 90 miles an hour. She took the flower cookie cutter placed it on her plate and started stuffing rice into the flower mold with her hands! She lifted it up and the rice was left in that perfect little mold. Holy bat balls it worked!!!! After she ate everything on her plate she requested another grill cheese in the shape of her new favorite flower mold. Super awesome! Have a great day everyone!

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