Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dinosaur Camp this week!!!!

Miss A is in Dinosaur Camp! Very exciting I know! So this week we will be stepping into the Dino Diner! hahaha. Boy I crack myself up. Anyway...For lunch today we had a fabulous display of Dino sandwiches. It was a day in the life of a plant eater and meat eater as Miss A and I role played with the sandwiches. Welcome to her Dinoland plate! We have lays potato chips as rocks, a Stegosaurus sandwich (plant eater), a nice tall plant made of black olives and cucumbers and a T-Rex sandwich with a nice red tomato sun blaring above his head. Yes...I am a dork and always talk like this. Bon appetito el Dinosauro!! I realized I just mixed Italian with Spanish...but you get the idea!

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