Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July!!

Well we had a great weekend with my hubby's sister and her family. They came down for the weekend from Louisiana. Miss A really wanted to make American Flag cookies this weekend but Henry's sister does not celebrate holidays so out of respect for her we waited until they left on the fourth to make them! So we had a full day of celebration on the actual Fourth of July with fireworks and cookies! Since I knew we were probably going to bake the cookies so late I decided to try one of those store bought mixes you just add water and egg and roll out the
cookie dough. Also instead of making my own icing Miss A and I bought the decorator icing at the grocery store. First for everything! Must say the cut out cookies do not hold their shape....they all became these marshmallow melted salvador dali versions of the actual cookie cutter shape. Oh well...once we decorate them you won't be able to tell!! So I thought...even Miss A said the icing was harder to use and did not dry so she could not do any of her layer techniques! haha. Goofy girl. BUT it was the spending time together and making cookies as a family that was really the best part. Last night after we got home from watching fireworks around 10:30pm Miss A was alseep in Henry's arms and she gave me a sleepy kiss and hug and said "I had fun making cookies with you today mommy".....aaaahhhh melts my heart. They don't have to be perfect...just quality time. The Captain America cookie was Henry's of course, I did a few hearts and American Flags, and Miss A had all sorts of creations with our initials, stars, flags, swirls...she is a creative genius!! I do hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July. Miss A is out of school again for two weeks while she does swim lessons!!! While I am on maternity leave I am trying to take advantage of as many things as possible!! So no bento's this week....just more food play. Have a great week everybody!!

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