Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two's company, three's a my fridge!

Well this weekend was a first for me. I had three cakes this weekend and that saying, Two's company and three's a crowd really made sense to me this weekend. In regard to three cakes, which is the most I have made in one weekend. Working full time puts me in a bind for time and you add in the active 15month old and Miss A with her soccer, piano, and cheerleading...oy vey!!! Time was crowded, space was crowded, and our extra refrigerator for drinks was emptied and crowded with cakes for the weekend. I almost think it was 4 different items because one order was a cake plus cupcakes!!! But I proved I can do it!!! So here we go...
It's an E-I-E-I-O cake and cupcake of a time!!! sheep, chick, pig cupcakes, and a barn cake!

Little piggies crack me up!!! Mmmm reminds me of bacon. I'm hungry.

Perhaps I could have stuck the ducks in a pond...we will pretend the pond is around back!!

Rise and shine! It's birthday time!!

Third times the charm for Minnie Mouse! This is my third time to make a minnie mouse themed cake and I must say it makes me smile each time I make those little ears!!!

Of course this was the first time I got to add a smash minnie mouse cake!! love the little ears!!

The cute pair together!!! 

Snoopy and woodstock...what famous pair!!!

This was actually the second dog house I did. The first I tried with cake, but the recipe was off and it got a little too crispy and crumbly. So I improvised last minute and grabbed some packs of rice krispy treats and fashioned a dog house!!! 

Snoopy I made out of gumpaste and he just makes me happy!!! Woodstock was a last addition this morning! HAHA!

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