Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long time no see!!

Soooo I want to thank everyone for the inquiries about where the heck I have been!!! Haha. Well Miss A is done with summer camps and does not start school until August 29th so she has three weeks off. During this time she stays one week with each grandma and one with her Aunt V and Cousin D! This week is Aunt V week so she has a little playmate all week which is so much fun for her. I started back to work last Monday and Mighty Max is with the fabulous Miss Shari his sitter. So sadly...no bentos, no food play, and no special cakes or cookies lately. BUT...hoping to squeeze in some fun cupcakes or something!! I did have one opportunity this weekend to make Miss A a lunch....so for now this is all I have. It was quick, easy and a nice little surprise for Miss A. She even told me she missed my fun food and our time together. :( We have a hot dog butterfly with provolone cheese wings. The wings are adorned with carrot shavings and grapes! She ate...well ALL of it and even a few more hundred grapes!!! haha. I will be back in full force soon...have no fear!!! Miss A has been collecting her ideas!!!

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