Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camping we will go...

I had a good friend who suggested I do a camping Bento...but since Miss A does not take her lunch for summer camps we just have food play. So this was her pizza camping themed plate! We have pizza for a tent with a black olive door. A fabulous campfire out of cheese with pizza crust logs! hee hee.. We have some cheese stars and a shooting star per her request. We also have a beautiful mandarin orange moon!

The second pic was a very poor attempt to do an Alice in Wonderland themed lunch. I had good intentions but honestly...I was about to starve to death!!! I started working out to burn off this baby weight and I am so darn hungry all the time!! I go back to work next week and I really don't want to be wearing a muumuu with heels and a suit jacket! So we have a sad little mad hatter sandwich and rabbit sandwich with a clock. So lame it did not even deserve it's own post...*sniff *sniff. We will have to try again later.

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