Saturday, July 7, 2012

Those infamous ears!

Today was a birthday for a fabulous little girl with more gusto then I have in my little finger. She wanted a Minnie Mouse cake for her special day. I must say it is kind of nice to do a similar cake more than once. Usually each cake is the first time for me but I have done a very similar Minnie Mouse cake before for another fabulous little girl. Minnie Mouse is pretty awesome I must admit! The other duplicate cake I did was Lightning McQueen Cars cake. There is something special about Mickey and Minnie Mouse...makes you feel like a kid again! Just something about those black ears!!!!

"Laughter is timeless,
imagination has no age,
and dreams are forever."
              - Walt Disney

Bottom layer is chocolate with white buttercream, top layer is white cake with hot pink dyed buttercream icing. All other accents are all fondant and edible of course.
I free handed the lettering for her name so it would match the classic Walt Disney font. I hope I did it justice. 

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